Иммиграция в Новую Зеландию

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Барристер и Солиситор Ю. Лукас

Я успешно помог многим иммигрантам со всего мира!


Has your visa expired or your visa application has been rejected?

Did Immigration New Zealand advise you are now unlawful and have to live the country? 
You run the risk of being arrested and deported, and subject to a prohibition on coming back to New Zealand in future if you are in New Zealand unlawfully.

There are some options that will allow you to regain your lawful status and S. 61 request is one of the options, however it is at the absolute discretion of Immigration New Zealand.
I can assist you by presenting your case in the best possible manner increasing your chances for the best possible outcome.

It is very important for you to approach to me as soon as possible.
Time is usually of the essence in the cases like this.

You may have rights to appeal against deportation (if you do it within prescribed time frame).
If you need more information regarding your rights to appeal please visit this page.

I have successfully assisted many migrants from around the world and obtained the right visa for them in New Zealand.
I can assist immigrants in New Zealand or overseas.
Please contact me and feel free to ask any questions or for an assessment of your current options.
I am very flexible with my appointment times and I usually charge fixed fees.
If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me.